Is Engine DJ still supporting Resolume and StageLinQ?

There is no mention of either anywhere on Engine’s Website that I can find anymore. I did a search for both terms in the website search, both yielded zero results.

Some people could probably forgive Denon for not continuing support for these things, given the handful of ungrateful moans from people who see such innovative ideas being offered in firmware upgrades when -their- own pet favourite suggestions haven’t been added yet.

Mind you, if new things only got created when they were asked for, rather than companies introducing their own ideas and features, things would be quite dull.

Hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for soon.

I am looking into projection mapping software and before dropping $1k I figured I would find out if Resolume was still supported, and Grand VJ is getting more recommendations. But if Resolume can do visuals to Engine AND the Projection Mapping I need, it would save me about $300 and be more versatile. If it is no longer supported, I would rather go with the more recommended software.

I took @kradcliffe 's response the wrong way, and I apologize.

ahhh ok. apologies then. Seriously I can’t find mention of either anywhere. Both were prominent on the home page last year as features…

(Trying to find how to add screenshots)

I’ve got both GrandVJ and Resolume (Avenue), and my advice would be to go for Resolume.

GrandVJ very rarely gets updated, whereas Resolume does, and having used both, I prefer the interface and working methods of Resolume.

Mind you, there are things each one does that the other can’t, so…

Resolume usually do a half price offer across Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

As for StageLinQ, it’s still in the Resolume manual so I assume they’ve not removed it. I’ve never used it as both Avenue and GrandVJ have Ableton Link. I’m not buying Arena just for a Denon-only protocol, as I don’t need the extra features.

It’s still supported. The Engine website is for the Denon DJ stuff.

If you head over to you’ll find more relevant info. The Engine Lighting side of it is more for the embedded stuff.

Also, I use HeavyM for projection mapping and it uses Ableton Link. It’s cheap too.

Thanks I tried Heavy M, the one item i really needed I couldn’t find a way to automate…multiple different pictures on multiple levels of cake, changing asynchronously. Slicer and auto pilot where recommended on resolute. Previously I did mapping basic visuals from my iPad using dynamapper.

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No expert here. But pretty sure resolute works with the new engine dj is built into prime controllers. Pretty sure via bpm/key over Bluetooth.

I think I saw resolume for sale on Dennis website with a discount.

And I’m pretty sure stage line is still working if you want to utilize the LAN jack on back of the controller to connect with a computer. And it’s likely engine will recognize this and communicate the beat/key info to soundswitch software running on the computer. Then u need a single to out put this info from computer to lights.

The thing is. When denon and soundswitch sort of joined forces and built it into the new firmware. Along with engine dj. The need to utilize the stage line port……for traditional lighting purposes any. Is really needed anymore.
But that don’t mean they don’t support it or would help u

Hope this helps.

Still on the Resolume site how to sync them. I dont think they discontinued it. If you want to be 100 percent sure, just download the software Demo and connect your devices. Than you can see and test if it does the job.

Any news if it still works ? I saw the Denon Tutorial on YT, doing it step by step but nothing happens when I play on the prime. I’ve set everything like in the video.

I purchased resolute but I did not test this yet.

Let us know if its work :slight_smile:

I used it during a New Years Event. Worked fine. But it wasn’t on engine 3.0. It was on 2.3

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Just a qucik update, Resolume works with Engine OS 3.3 and Resolume 7.18 without any problems.

I use 3 sc6000 and a x1850 on 1.7. connected via LAN of the Mixer itself.