Is Denon DJ "retiring" the MCX8000?

Seeing stock levels dissipating at my local DJ stores, reverting to “available on order only”. Does this mean that Denon DJ are retiring the MCX8000 in the wake of Prime 4?

I don’t know the full answer to that

However it would make perfect sense.

There’s £470 difference in England between the two models and the prime 4 is far far more advanced than the prime-zimmerframed Mcx8000.

That said, some people want exact features and sometimes an older model might have exactly the right features and nothing more is ever needed, so for them, why buy more. You don’t need a NASCAR car just to drive around at 30mph after all.

I wouldn’t buy an 8000 today if I was thinking that new features will ever be added to it with new firmware if I pestered them enough. I believe the 8000 is as finished as it’s ever going to be imo

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Some things needed to be improved or replaced on MCX8000 and it takes some time for a revised product to rich the retailers. On the other hand let’s not forget the high demands for this product. It doesn’t make sense to retire a good product just because there is a more powerful one available. Of course the will always be some, and I repeat, some people who always want more features but this luxury come with a price tag attached and not everyone wants or needs the full on package. It doesn’t make sense for a mobile DJ mixing on small or private events to invest thousands of euros in equipment that is not really needed for the job. Not everyone has the inclination or afford to dress from Prada or to drive a Ferrari and francly this is not needed.

The MCX is a fantastic controller. The feature set and sound quality are great.

However it has been let down by many defective units and of course the long delay in releasing updated firmware.

Engine Prime is still pretty bad IMO but using it with VirtualDJ is faultless.

Second hand prices have crashed due to its bad reputation so I don’t know if it is wise for Denon to keep it going.

@kradcliffe The occurrence of many defective units suggest a problem with quality control during assembly, but that’s an issue that can be corrected and a good recall policy will improve customers trust. Also, Engine Prime software can be updated to better support the MCX8000 unit for standalone operation.

A firmware update to match its hardware quality is what the MCX8000 needs if Denon does this and engine optimization would be a great option, if also the low to 999 usd would be very attractive since not everyone needs 4 channels to work independently and the difference of about 600 usd can be desperate for many and this controller with virtual dj is a wonder in 4 channels, in my opinion it still has potential to sell for a couple of years more (and if denon puts more resistant buttons of play and cue much better) I have one and my only complaint is engine prime that has not yet matured, sorry for my English


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Not everyone needs to use all 4 channels and once, but most people, as they evolve, have the possibility to expand their setup to 4 channels and for this reason MCX8000 is a great product. The fact that MCX8000 works fine as a controller is a bonus for those who like to work full digital from a PC, but personally I like to work externally, independent from any PC, combining digital with analog sources.

hello, it will be a shame to abandon the mcx 8000, it should just make reliable engine and update the firmware. In my dreams I was waiting for an android or ipad application to drive playlists but with bonus 4 it’s over … long live the autonomous mode! ps: and why ps a redemption campaign to change to premium 4?

How was your experience with Sertato with the controller (if you used it)?

I have never ever used Serato. Been a VDJ user since 2008

Try a period in there pal, sometimes your posts are really difficult to read! :slight_smile:

I’m kind of the opposite of this. The MCX8000 gives me the freedom not to have to look at my laptop all the time, but I like the idea of the convenience of the laptop by my side if needed to quickly search for something under time duress :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I said above about MCX8000 being a great product for allowing to work both in standalone mode and as a controller. The main thing here is that MCX8000 was developed to be mainly a Serato controller with possibility to use it in standalone mode as a backup. It is a great piece of equipment and the potential is there, but it still needs a few finishing touches, especially on the software side. BPM analysis is very useful especially for building and organising a playlist. On the creative part, the BPM analysis is useful for setting simple or quantized loops and auto synchronisation (if one choose to use it), but we should keep in mind that music is dynamic with variable BPM and therefore analysis of such files is tricky. For this reason it will be a good practice to set the BPM values in an ID3TAG editor or in a dedicated BPM analysis software. Furthermore, Engine Prime software could be updated with an option to choose between BPM analysis with possibility to select a portion of the track for analysis or reading it from an ID3TAG and cue points editing could be fine tuned to frame resolution by allowing to type in the cue point timeframe position directly .

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You don’t need to cut and paste the same post in multiple topics

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@S_Anderson - Indeed I don’t and I also don’t try to impose. I chose to cut and paste in my comment above as a continuation and, without being rude, I am aware that sometimes not everyone takes the time to read through entire topics about different products, that’s why I try to promote an ideea that can be included in the software functionality to benefit many products.

In fact , you’ve put the same text in bold now in three topics - that’s somewhat OTT Imo

What you’re doing is creating spam, stop it.

Denon DJ staff are very active and responsive in this forum, only 1 post is necessary.

@JonnyXDA - I am aware that Denon DJ staff are active, but part of my action is directed to us, the users of Denon DJ equipment and the readers of this forum, to be able to express their points of view on a subject. Never for one moment I intended to create spam. If I offended anyone I do apologize.

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Spam definition - send the same message indiscriminately to (a large number of Internet users).

Sound familiar? Oh wait, yes because that is what you were doing…

If you are trying to reach users then they are probably even more active than the Denon DJ staff so again, 1 message is enough.

@JonnyXDA - You are entitled to your opinion and I am not going to start a debate about what is and what is not considered spam, simply because I choose not to smear this topic.