iPad Pro M1

Apple have just announced the launch of a new IPad Pro with the M1 chip. Will Engine Prime now be able to run off an IPad?


I thought as much, but just thought with all that extra processing power.

That will depend. Apple stated that iOS apps will be working on the M1 soon. Looks like things may work both ways if software makers make a layout for the iPad screen and touch functions.

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I think this could be really interesting, I’ve been wondering if one of the new iPads could replace my laptop. From a pure performance perspective it feels like it would be an easy yes, but iPadOS can be frustrating at times, and we’ll have to see if library management software like Engine Prime or Rekordbox will get ported over.

Working on tracks on a touchscreen (like on the Prime Go) is super intuitive and I’ve come to love it, so I hope it happens!