iOS issues with dn-x1600

Hi all! I just got a dn-x1600, but there seems to be some compability issues with iOS. Maybe someone can tell me what is “wrong”: When I hook up my iPad 3 (iOS 9.3.5, dj-app “Dj Player Pro”) to the dnx1600, the USB communication is not completely satisfying. I.e. I cannot assign usb to different channels (this makes troubles in dvs-mode since the app only communicate the dvs via ch1 and 2 on the dnx1600 - and ch1 have no turntable connection…) For iOS 10 (iPad 4/iPhone 5s), the app does not find the soundcard in the dnx1600 at all.

The dnx1600 is listed as class compliant. But maybe there is still something not matching with apple and iOS…??

Could there be any point of trying to downgrade the dnx1600’s firmware to one older than “2000”??

Please support OS X Sierra. The Mixer ist still great, love to play with Traktor Timecode Vinyl but it isn’t working on Sierra.


Yes please , same problem here , mixer is great but can not use it currently​:rage::rage:


Hello! Same problem here!! I would like to continue using the audio interface.


As this is the official denon Forum What about an official comment from denon ?

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Denon already made an official comment. They will not be supporting Sierra.

Too bad though, as club mixers have a long, long life and it’s a shame that the X1600 is having support dropped so soon after production stopped. Heck, stores still have new ones in stock!

I can’t accept this. What about the new prime mixer ? Just say I buy one and then denon says we’re not supporting your next OS X update ? Sorry to say that but pioneer mixers still support Sierra.

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One store here still sells boxed CDJ-100S units. Does that mean Pioneer should still manufacture spare CDJ-100 parts? But yes, I get that software support is different. It’s just bad timing. X1600/1700 mixers did not have problems with macOS’s right until Sierra and since they are discontinued it makes little sense to assemble a software team that works on new Prime products for this. X1600/1700 owners also had little luck when no Denon mixers were added to the SeratoDJ’s Club Kit. Silent users and passive manufacturer (what was in the middle of a takeover by inMusic) are a bad combination.

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Oh I know why it happened… ownership changes always seem to lead to products developed by the previous owner getting dropped. But inMusic’s Denon continued to market the X1600 as current product on its channels until about a year ago. My point is just that mixers, unlike a lot of the current controller crop, are bought with the expectation of a long lifespan, so it is unfortunate that a year and a half ago you could buy a product still marketed by the manufacturer as current, only to have support cut so quickly. We were lucky they did put out new Win10 drivers though. I wasn’t really expecting to see those either. HP pulled a similar stunt on me with a printer - I get it, doesn’t mean I have to like it. :wink:

Of course, the actual mixer still works and sounds great, so there is always that as a consolation prize. I expect it will continue to have a long life cozied up between two SC5000s… hehe

Or it’s just to force owners to buy the new prime Mixer :rage:

If i buy a pair of sc5000’s then there is no need for sierra support , it will do just fine as is , but for now i am stuck with el capitan and traktor , it works but i rather ditch the lappy

I can’t see why it’s so hard to program an driver for sierra so Traktor scratch is usable again ?

Most likely the problem can’t be solved with just installing drivers on the Mac, firmware update on the mixer might also be necessary.

Chances are that the same subcontractor who manufactured the DN-X1600 is also responsible for the firmware. Since Denon is no longer working with that subcontractor, negotiations can get tricky; even if the original firmware developers were available - which might not be - the asking price is something Denon isn’t willing to pony up.

Some have suggested that Denon would open source the DN-X1600 firmware, so a third party could attempt to patch the firmware. I think that, however, is unlikely because the firmware includes so much intellectual property (patented proprietary DSP stuff etc.) that Denon isn’t willing share.

I too am another unhappy DN-X1600 owner. I can understand the business aspect behind the situation, but my biggest gripe was that Denon should have been more transparent about what’s going on.

Personally, I solved the El Capitan deadlock situation by selling my DN-X1600 and getting a Allen & Heath Xone:92 and a MOTU UltraLite MK4 audio interface. The good thing about analogue mixers is that they never get old since there are no computer-dependent parts. This kind of modular approach means, that the worst case scenario is my audio interface becomes redundant.


My own personal point of view is Apple should darn well fix their operating system. Everything was working fine with all these units before Apple did their thing (again!)

After all… if the petrol companies suddenly changed their petrol at the pumps to erm “Hydrogen Plus” and our existing cars, which had been working just fine with the old petrol for year, then no longer worked… that problem wouldn’t be down to the Car manufacturers, itcwas caused by the petrol company changing things.

True. Quality, stability and compatibility of both iOS and macOS have taken a huge dump in the recent years. Post-Jobs Apple is a mess.

Capitan was a mess (problemls with soundcards), but Sierra is working great on my mbp 2012, only I can’t use my denon Mixer for Timecode.

i have had this mixer for 7 years and im quite happy with it. so please inmusic show it some love and release a compatible driver for os sierra.


Any hope for us frustrated x1600 buyers ? Cmon denon this isn’t how you should treat your costumers. :slight_smile:

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Have you pointed out to Apple that they broke code that things that were previously working with ?

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I am also using a mc3000 and a Traktor audio 6 they still working on sierra and are also class compliant.