Invite Turntablists for Denon DJ videos

Why not invite turntablists like Craze or Qbert to test and record overhead video cam with them using 2 SC5000M and a X1800 mixer similar to DJSounds on youtube? Also, a US and European tour with those 2 would definitely spark more interest in this gear.


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They would need to cut a cheque for those two. They ain’t cutting for free.

I do agree some local tour in other European and US countries will be nice but not till they get the basics right

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Is turntablism much of a draw anymore ? It’s been bordering between niche and popular in small Dj circles off and on here since the 80s but has being dying on its ass over the last few years.

DMC changing their competition rules to allow more diverse mixing, rather than scratching sets hasn’t helped, though probably hasn’t actively hindered it.

But then the most recent vinyl revival hasn’t boosted scratching much either. Maybe this is why also the 5000m is having an x1800 free when bought in pairs.

The death of vinyl and rotating platters? Maybe death is too strong a word. The pensionable years of vinyl and motors?

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