Introduction frenzy ... LOL

Came on this morning, prepared to read and where relevant reply to the regular handful of new posts/unread replies. Just like I try to do every day. It’s a nice and very active forum.

How surprised I was that as I was logged in and answering I saw the “New” posts counter just go bonkers, from a regular if a tad high 10 or 11 to 40+.

I haven’t checked, but I am guessing I fell right smack in the middle of a new (social) media offensive by Denon to draw new members to the forums.

By the look of it, it is being successful and efficient.

Now back to the grind of reading all these introductions :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I think the marketing elves have been busy.

I’m going to work though all the new posts through the day. There’s certainly a lot of great comments, from a variety of different DJs around the world!

The more the Merrier! Great to see so many people coming to gether to share the idea.

Received the email shortly after this posting. Seems another 2.000 sample packs have been found in the ole storage shed :stuck_out_tongue:

So encouraging to watch the new Forum grow, and such a great spirit of DJ brotherhood too!

I’ve not seen him play. I take it that he’s changed his rider too!

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Guessing the entire DJ-Brotherhood will be tempted to change their riders, not just a single “DJ Brotherhood” LOL :joy:

It’s beginning to look a lot like that. Which can only be a good thing!

Yowzas! I logged in and at first thought it must be a spam attack. But no, it all seems legit. Love that there is so much interest in what Denon is up to. Shows that there are a lot of people looking to see some moves in the DJ industry.

Also, based on the activity in the controller section, shows I think that despite what certain other companies like to say Denon still has a solid marketshare in the controller/mobile section of our industry.

Exciting times ahead!