Introducing the SoundSwitch Control One - A Professional DMX Lighting Controller for DJs

Hi Everyone,

Today, we’re very excited to introduce the SoundSwitch Control One - the first and only lighting controller + DMX interface designed for DJs. Control One easily integrates into existing DJ setups and provides a familiar and dedicated control surface for DMX lighting. More details below.


Level up your next DJ set with synchronized lights and on-the-fly lighting effects!

Ft. Lauderdale FL, USA (November 23, 2021) - SoundSwitch, the leading provider of DJ lighting control software and hardware, today announced the SoundSwitch Control One – a professional lighting controller and dual-universe DMX interface. Since the introduction of its automated lighting software, SoundSwitch has been committed to building tools that make it easier for DJs to incorporate lighting into their live performances. Control One’s form factor, comprehensive feature set, and extensive connectivity with DJ and DAW applications make it the first lighting controller designed for DJs and performers.

Lighting Control for DJs and Performers

Compact and intuitive, Control One provides DJs a familiar and fun lighting experience. Compatibility with professional DJ platforms from Engine DJ, Serato DJ, and Virtual DJ makes it easy to integrate Control One into existing DJ setups. Additionally, musicians and performers can automate synchronized light shows and add live lighting effects using Ableton Link or manually tapping in the BPM on Control One.

Automated but Fully Customizable

Leading the industry with music-synchronized lighting automation, SoundSwitch software delivers dynamic light shows with a single click. Choose from dozens of light show presets based on genre or mood, and even customize the result to your liking. When it’s time to perform, Control One offers customizable RGB performance pads, parameter knobs, and a touch strip to create the perfect ambience for any event or venue.

1:1 Hardware Control for SoundSwitch

As you’d expect, Control One provides tactile control over all SoundSwitch performance features. Effortlessly trigger color and position overrides, cycle between banks of automated light shows (Autoloops), set an elegant ambiance with a subtle Static Look, and when the moment calls, engage the Strobe to add an energized visual effect to complement the build-up of your performance.

Plug and Play with Engine DJ Hardware

Prefer performing without a computer? Control One is plug and play compatible with Engine DJ hardware running Engine DJ v2.0 or higher. Simply connect Control One to an available USB port on the Engine DJ hardware. Once connected, you’ll have full standalone control over the entire performance environment, music, and lights.

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Key Features

  • 1:1 Hardware Control for SoundSwitch Software
  • Plug and Play with Engine DJ Hardware (Engine Lighting)
  • Automatic Light Shows Synced with Beat Grids
  • Controls Both DMX and Philips Hue Lights
  • Performance Pads with Customizable RGB
  • Pan, Tilt, and Intensity Controls
  • Onboard Memory for Storing Light Patch and Settings
  • (4) Pro-grade DMX Connections for 2 DMX Universes
  • DMX Input for Merging with Install Lighting Systems
  • Dual USB for Seamless DJ Transitions
  • Built-in OLED Display for Settings and Preferences

Price: $299.00 (US) | €299.99 (EU) | £249.99 (UK)

Availability: Today at and other participating stores. Check with your local retailer for availability.

Control One includes 3-months of SoundSwitch access for new users. Subscription pricing starts at just $7.99 per month or $79.99 annually.

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Nice. How does this differ from Primes offering Soundswitch controls on the primes own screens? Just physical controls instead of touchscreen?

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Looks awesome :fire:

It’s a dedicated midi controller for SoundSwitch, instead of sharing a screen with Engine OS or dj software (Serato/VDJ). Nice!

So prime users can keep their primes showing audio info , waveforms , time remaining , searches etc …. While this controlled sits off to one side, and keeps all the lighting buttons handy and tactile ?

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And all still working with no laptop where in the booth , or stage. Ok


Laptop or no laptop it works.

No laptop - plug to usb on engine os devices

Laptop - plug engine oS device to laptop … ControlOne is picked by laptop

It’s a fantastic device.

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Does the controller need a subscription to SoundSwitch software to work ?

No it’s you that has to subscribe. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


ok it can stay next to the P4, so you don’t change the screen every time, but we must also take into account that you remove the pc, to add another device.

Beautiful is beautiful and certainly functional, but I remain of the idea that having everything integrated into the P4 is a great thing, unparalleled in my opinion.

Then, on the other hand, if one has a place of his own where he can create his own universe, then in my opinion the thing takes another shape.

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There is certainly a market for such devices. Not everyone will be switching views between the music and lights.

well there will be a market for this device, that’s for sure!

Then in short, everyone knows their needs, and one can also buy it just for fun, why not?

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Would be nice to have it leveled, like a Traktor D2 had with foldable feet.


That was a great design feature. So simple too.

Little bits of inexpensive plastic that fold down. Genius.

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Send me one and I can 3D print some cool stands and also stands that can be attached to the controller. After prototyping I can send it back.

Added wooden sides with laser engraved logos is also an option :wink:


Haha well I don’t have one in house, but good idea!

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Well, I have the option to do it, not only for this device, some custom cool options are always possible for other gear too.


@Reese You just go ahead :smiley:

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