Introducing Denon DJ SC6000 + SC6000M Media Players

I am a dev myself so no need to tell me this. But, tell me if:

  • loop adjust after long press
  • phase meters which will be simply small beatmakers from big waveform (UI change only not crazy algorithms)
  • commenting in players and star rating (you have the screen already)
  • Naming of hotcues And all of small improvements which i do not remember.

It is not crazy logic, performance or algoritms, only some minor improvements mostly in UI layer for what people were complaining the most.

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Does anyone have the dimensions for the SC6000’s? Are they identical to the 5000’s? To my old eyes, it looks like the 6000’s are narrower that the 5000’s.

Found this online, if anyone is interested:

SC5000 : 16.5″ x 12.6″ x 5.3″

SC6000 : 16.5" x 12.6" x 5.3"

They are identical in size.

I think this is not correct, the SC6000 are taller than the sc5000 as far as I have seen from the videos and images. Just compare its size to the mixer, I conclude that the sc6000 are taller than the sc5000. This is just my opinion, I haven’t verified this information.

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I have no idea, to be honest - I just took the figures from the following links:



There’s little info at the moment, so the SC6000 figure might not be correct.

SC6000 / X1850

Link to pic above makes SC5000 and X1850 look the same height, which is the same as the SC5000 / X1800. Pic is a bit blurry though, but I think you can still make out that they are the same height.

Speaking of incorrect info:

Maybe Denon for their own sake, just for now, should clarify that at this moment, its only TIDAL that is “live” and official.

Taken from site: “DJs can now stream music, standalone, from partnered services Beatport, Beatsource, Soundcloud and TIDAL”

Its not ment in any harmfull way, but probably some customers read it and buy, and then comes home, unpacking, and discovers that its not possible. (unless ofcourse it will be at the time you start selling these units.

Best regards :slight_smile:

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by “taller”, I meant the largest dimension, not the height, sorry if I didn’t explain myself properly.

Compare the largest dimension with the mixer in this picture:

and in this picture:

The SC6000 is clearly larger than the sc5000.

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I see your point - you’re right - it does look longer.

Just looks like a bigger SC5000/M to me. Bit bigger screen display/Platter but everything else looks like what’s already on SC5000/M

You guys are definitely a hardware company, AMAZING products and ideas. I do think it’s important to gain your dominance to hire a couple great software programmers and first lock down the basics like tempo and key detection then innovate your software like your hardware and give everyone ZERO reason to doubt your product line.

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I can see a few changes on the 6000’s, but I cannot see anything significant on the X1800 though, apart from locking power connector and a few more effects. I know that out of all the kit, the mixer is the hardest to make good advances on, but I have to admit to being a bit disappointed in the X1850 - am considering dumping my SC5000’s and investing in SC6000’s, but there’s no way I am looking at the X1850 as a replacement for my X1800. That prize still sits with the Rane MP2015.

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As these units can take an internal drive, do they have the capability of copying files from flash drive/SD card onto the HDD, for keeping the song library up to date (as also requested for the Prime 4)?

Because they’re marketed as standalone units, it seems counter intuitive to have to connect a USB cable, connect a computer, run Engine Prime (hope it doesn’t crash), import music to computer, copy music from computer to hardware - even to add just one track.

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Here we go, again.

Waiting for the copyright and licensing posts, again.


I thought the same thing. He might as well just get hung up as well on saying that it needs electrons and gravity so it isn’t stand alone ffs

But Reese… Its so good an idea, that I walk up to someone else’s Prime unit, insert my usb and wupti… He copy all my music, while I also fetching him a beer from the bar😂 FOR FREE!!!

Why cant you agree with that idea? LOL


Ouch! Your bar must have very slow bar staff :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. But I feel the same as you. Local usb copying should never be made possible.

Thinking of the silly standalone (NON-) argument again. Since the primes all got Tidal and more streams to follow, they became EVEN MORE standalone than ever, so was was never a sensible argument in the first place, just got even more kindergarten :teddy_bear:

:joy: Well I would never bring my 1tb drive in my pocket, but maybe a usb pen with a couple of 100 or 1000 tracks.

And as the polite person I am, I would let the cute girls get service first :wink:

But I Agree.

I do agree with it.

Yesterday I got tracks e-mailed to me from the producer, but I don’t think the label would agree.


What the producer themselves do, is up to them… In my opinion. (I recieve a bunch promotion as well) And I guess that most labels have some sort of agreement with the producer on this part.

But the main rule from all promotiongroups, seems to be: “Dont share with anyone outside the group”…

Therefor I dont see it as a good solution… (would it make some transfers easier - absolutely…)