Internet over ethernet for SC6000s?

So I bought a switch to try and get ethernet internet to my SC6000s. I see them in my router as having an IP on my local area network, so this means they should be able to get internet from my network. The players also see each other and link up fine, so the ethernet connection for sure works. However, it appears they don’t get internet from the ethernet connection because if I disable WIFI they have no internet connectivity. Is this an issue or am I doing something wrong?

I’m assuming your switch is capable of sharing the internet, and it’s not just a network switch?

Ya I have my desktop and a laptop hooked up and both get Internet fine. I tested using the same cable as one from one of the SC6000s on my laptop too as a further test. All get Internet fine. This is the switch:

Okay seems it started working after rebooting the players. Strange.

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