Internal Sata SSD not recognized


I just bought a crucial Sata SSD 1 To , and it is not recognized by Engine …

I don’t know what to do with that .

best regards

Drives are typically NTFS formatted upon delivery. Instead to be recognized by Engine OS, the drive must be formatted FAT32 or ExFAT: so check how it is formatted.

Ok thx .

But I have no computer to connect it to , I guess I have to buy an external Sata to Usb case :wink:

You should be able to plug it in and see it in either mac or Windows as an extra drive( mac may need extra software to read it) then format from there. Thus bypassing engine for now

This plug should do the trick to connect it to my mac.

Thx Guys I appreciate your help

That will do fine. On your mac set it to show all drives on desktop you should be able to see it then use disk utility to format it

thx a lot guys