Internal hard drive bay

If I install an internal hard drive into one of my SC6000s, will I be able to copy music to it without removing it from the device each time?

For example, could I copy files over my local network from Engine Prime, direct onto the internal drive? Or even copy files from a USB onto the internal drive?

I like the idea of installing a drive, but it doesn’t seem like it would be durable if I keep plugging / unplugging it every time I use the players.

Connect the SC6000 to laptop via the blue usb cable

Switch to controller mode

Your internal ssd is available to engine prime


The hard drive will be housed in the SC but will operate with your laptop like an external hard drive. Your laptop will link via USB to your SC and will be able to read/write to the SC’s internal hard drive that way.

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And is yes you leave it there and using your mac or Windows pc attach player using blue cable. Fire up engine prime and sync manager is your friend. Just don’t forget to eject the drive before you close. If using mac it probably won’t be recognised the first time you plug in. Go to utilities and first aid, erase and reformat to ex fat or fat 32. I think with mac there was only one option. I’ve done it with my prime 4. I love it. Super quick, instantly load. I just turn top it up as when I get a bulk of new tracks I want to add.


Thanks all. This sounds great, I’ll give it a go tomorrow.


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