Interface language Prime 4

all the best! can you tell me if there are other interface languages? interested in Russian

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Nope, there is no language change.

I tried to put all language “request” post into one, but it’s kinda undoable.

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I think if Denon were to do this, it’d be better as an addon “language pack” rather than trying to build it into the OS (could take up lots of space, multiple translations need to be done, fonts added…)

The way Atomix do it for VDJ is having separate files for each language, that can be modified or even provided by the users. These contain the original text (as displayed on the GUI) and the translated text in an XML file, like so <original text>translated text</original text>

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that would be very good. if I need only Russian, for example, I can just download the rest from the system and that’s it.