Interesting Dropbox sync issue

I’m on an SC Live 4 and I have an odd behavior happening whenever I load an SD card into my controller. I prepare it using the Engine desktop software, where the songs in my collection come from either iTunes or my Dropbox folder on my PC (for stuff downloaded from Bandcamp).

Engine manages the collection seamlessly, but after exporting my playlists (containing music from the Dropbox folder and iTunes) to the SD card and inserting it into my SC Live 4, there are little Dropbox box icons next to any non-iTunes track, which are all stored in that Dropbox sync folder on my PC.

This causes the songs to download from Dropbox’s servers for some reason instead of playing them locally from the SD card.

I also back up my Engine library to my Dropbox, so I’m not sure exactly where the downloads are coming from - the folder where I store my Bandcamp FLACs, or the Engine library backup?

How do I disable this behavior? I am currently on the fence about how to handle library management, and I am still considering just streaming from Dropbox, but I’d like to disable this behavior in the meantime and load everything locally from the SD card regardless of whether or not it’s on my Dropbox.

Thanks in advance.