Instructions for firmware update

  1. When updating the Prime GO via SD or USB, I found that you must have the power plugged in or else it will go to the “hold button to start” screen and won’t update or cycle by itself. I couldn’t find the official instructions for how to update the Prime GO. Does anyone know where to find this?

  2. In the Utility screen when you press “check for updates” it will tell you your firmware is up to date (on the older 1.4.1 firmware). This is not accurate because I have the 1.5.1 IMG on my SD card. The way you update is just to press the “Update firmware - reboot” button. How does the player check for updates?

  3. Engine Prime - on version 1.5 on windows when pressing the upper left hand “Engine Prime” button it tells you the version is up to date while it is not. I had to download the installation file for 1.5.1 and use that to update. Is there a way to update directly in the Engine Prime software?

  4. On the Denon website: Software downloads, manuals and documentation - Denon DJ, in the DJ Software section there is “Engine Prime” and “Engine”. What’s the difference?

  5. Can’t find official news on Engine Prime/OS 1.5.1 on the and website.

Overall the updating process was pretty frustrating due to lack of clear documentation.

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Player check for updates when you plug media in it with EP database that has info in metadata about the new version.

Engine/Engine Prime. In 2012 Denon made Engine for SC2900/3900 & mcx8000 players and then inMusic bought Denon and decided to re-made the software from scratch. Because money.

OK so Engine is now irrelevant for users with newer hardware. Got it.

Where is the metadata about the new version stored? The PG can detect that it has a new firmware IMG on the SD/USB that it can use to update itself, but when you press the “check for updates” button it does not detect that there is a new firmware available even if you have the IMG on your storage device. This renders the “check for updates” button useless from an end-user perspective.



  1. Choose option via computer; the updater will guide you. Update via USB/SD instructions are missing (will come) and is really the same for all Primes. See Prime4 for more info:
  2. Will be resolved. It’s the phone home function to check if there’s a newer version. It will not check local storage; only the [reboot] button checks the local storage.
  3. Will be resolved. It’s the phone home function to check if there’s a newer version.
  4. Engine Prime is for Prime devices and the MCX8000 (if one has updated to the latest release). Engine is for the earlier models.
  5. Will be resolved. As a member you always see it here first. Social media second. has been changed already. will follow.

I hope to have shed some light. :wink:


Thanks Reese. Glad to hear that Denon is working on these topics.

I saw the news about the new Engine update on social media first and expected to find more extensive documentation on the official sites. Guess it doesn’t always work that way!

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I’m not certain that the SD card can be used for Firmware upgrades

Yes, you can use an SD card to update.

As a new Prime Go user I have to agree that the firmware upgrade process could have been easier. Optimally any download should have upgrading instructions (with clear information about available methods) attached and at the very least linked to the notification post here on forum.

I ended up finding a YouTube video explaining the (very simple) process but that’s hardly optimal way. Still the upgrade itself was very easy with SD card and everything went smooth. This latest 1.5.1 uprade also fixed many of my initial issues with my Go so as a user I’m happy :+1:

As a software developer I’m quite aware how this kind of development works. I can only imagine the huge and ever growing backlog ofthe tickets this team is tackling. I’m impressed of the development speed and overall quality and polish of Engine OS as it is at the moment. The DJ world needs strong leaders like Denon and I really hope they keep things as open and transparent as possible so we as user can be a part and actually help the development instead of just watching a trainwreck from a distance like we’ve been doing with some other companies.


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