Instant doubles

Quick question I’ve just bought a second sc5000m and networked with the included cat 5 cable, both have the latest firmware. So my music and is now accessible via both decks but for some reason instant double on the deck with the music SD installed doesn’t seem to load doubles on both players, I just get this image on the screen of the player of the player that I’m double clicking the instant doubles button on.i know instant doubles work on one player with dual layers being used but should it also work when the players are networked?

Left Deck - Despacito playing

Right deck - Double click the knob, Despacito starts playing! Beat juggle :grimacing:

Trigger Instant double on the target deck

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Instant double just doesn’t work when double clicking the knob I just get the image on the photo I attached, regardless of what deck I on.

So you play a track on deck1, but cannot see it on deck2 when double clicking on the load.knob?

Yes it doesn’t load on the other deck but on the deck I’ve clicked instant doubles knob I get the message

Try to double press the knob on the opposite deck, than the one that plays the track. Double press on the deck where you want it to load.

I must be doing something wrong? All my hot cues and music library are available on both decks via the cat 5 network cable but just instant doubles I can’t get to work

Resolved, unplugged cat 5 and put it back and works.


Glad to hear the issue was resolved, @2Darc. Do you mind clicking that ‘solution’ button so we can close the thread please?