Instant Doubles Feature .?

What would you use it for,? What’s the point.

So if you hold Sync button down or double press the select/zoom knob it loads the track you’re playing in the other deck and starts playing automatically at the exact same position.

What would you use this for.? Do any of you use it.

I was messing about with spinbacks, reverse ect… But apart from that, Meh.

I also wonder why they’ve implemented two separate ways to activate it.

Yes, both ways activate it.

I have used it once for some clumsy way of changing layers to free up a particular channel on my mixer but apart from that time , I ve got no real use for instant doubles

I’ve activated it in accident sometimes when using auto BPM sync, so that’s double my own fault

Beat juggling on the M’s

Instant doubles might get useful when that new slave deck is launched

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I use it just to save myself seconds and then I just use my B layer as a sampler, also by doing this i have the choice to leave it on layer B to bring the sample/samples back in over a later track, all just really useful and time saving when seconds do count when you are a DJ who likes to mix it up more /mashup / remix what ever you wish to call it.

although in an ideal world I would like to see an option were I could link 2 different track together, so if use the instant double it will load another linked track instead of a duplicate, this would open up a uniquely flexible choice if you wish to do so, their are are other things that could evolve from this.

anyone else see this a useful request ? those of you who like options and to push boundaries with future technology.

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