InMusic aquires Arkaos

This is really exciting news.

InMusic have acquired Arkaos and I couldn’t be more excited.

I used to use it years ago with the Numark VJ thingy (the name escapes me) and feel this is an exciting step to finally giving us a marriage of SoundSwitch and LED mapping. Getting Stagelinq into this will be a one-stop visual approach to Denon DJs gear.

I’m sure someone will be along soon to give us a bigger picture and to share in which direction that they want the acquisition to go. Thoughts anyone?


As I already have Arkaos license and I use the software for some years (video walls, video projections and pixel mapping), does this mean that my license will be still valid, or I will need to get new? Hope I can still use it as it was + the denon integration?

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Ditto. It was the NuVJ - a little square black and white thing, like a Total Control for video. It came with its own software, which was written by Arkaos. That then got dropped and we were expected to upgrade to GrandVJ.

Yeah, if they add StageLinq to GrandVJ it’ll be useful - although GrandVJ does already have Ableton Link, so if Denon DJ added Ableton Link to the Prime series, better still!


Grand Vj can also read timecode over ethernet. Also mtc and ltc is another way to integrate. I already tested multiple times the ltc in grand vj and it works perfectly. But more precise integration would be great. Like reading the x1800/1850 fader/crossfader positions, eq knobs running simultaneously the rgb channels, playback position and video scratching from sc series… the possibilities are big, now it’s time for the programmers to make it happen… hopefully

What will happen to the Resolume partnership with this?

I didn’t realise that is what happened to it in the end. I sold it along with a Roland MD: Motion Dive Tokyo VJ unit which was much better but had zero support. I really liked what that could do. I loved that Roland unit.

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yes this small litlle unit was crazy, loved it too.