Inexpensive Wireless DMX Dongles

This is a really mundant question, but I really could use some wireless DMX Trasmitters/Receivers and am totally lost as to which if any of the inexpensive ones (e.g., Donner Wireless DMX 8PCS Black Metal DMX512 wireless Dfi DJ 2.4G 7 Receivers & 1 Transmitter Lighting Control) are worth owning. Anyone have any good or bad experiences that might help?

I use ADJ WiFly trascievers - work fine since 5 years.


What’s up @James_Siler,

Just like @NoiseRiser I’ve been using the ADJ WiFly’s for several years and have been quite happy. Only downside is the cost ($200/ea U.S.) and they’re a bit bulky.

About a year ago, Chauvet DJ released the D-Fi XLR Pack Wireless DMX System the set below with a transmitter and 3 receivers cost a little under $300 (U.S.) with extra receivers for around $60 (U.S.).

Just like the WiFly’s the D-Fi’s are rechargeable.

Good luck!


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  1. Do you really need the 1 transmitter 8 receiver kit? Can a smaller kit work for you?

I have other stuff to say, but I’ll wait to see your response first.