Incremental Export to Prime 4

Hey Everyone,

I’m not really sure if this is a question or a feature request, but whenever I add some new music to my collection on PC and transfer it over USB to my Prime 4 later, the time that it takes implies that every byte of music data is transferred from scratch, while most of the time, i may have only changed 0.3% of my total collection. That seems pretty wasteful.

The " Sync to Engine DJ" button is greyed out when both drives are mirrored after updating, so Engine DJ somehow knows there is parity. Wouldn’t it be cool if it also knew what is ’ new ’ so it doesn’t have to re-transfer 100Gb just to add 250Mb? Is there a button I’m missing that does this or is this type of incremental transfer not supported?

Thx in advance for taking the time, now it’s back to spinning the discs for me!


The key thing to bear in mind is that you don’t have to use Sync Manager.

If you only have a few new tracks, just drag and drop them.

Actually when you use SYNC MANAGER it should already do what you write: send only the new tracks to the remote unit and update the database.

I usually use SYNC MANAGER and if I add a few new tracks then the update time is short, compared to when I insert an empty remote unit and therefore all the files must be transferred.

Beware that if you make changes to the TAGs of your MP3 files in the local collection, then SYNC MANAGER will resend the files to update the remote ones as well, so it may take longer.

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As for the Sync button, I have created a query thread… how well you say, it takes a long time. And the option to add tracks manually I see a delay, the Sync manager should work correctly and a suggestion, you could import the lists from the USB to the collection, imagine that a friend shares a list with you on his USB, it would also serve to restore the lists in case of loss of the collection due to pc crash, as can be done with rekordbox, thanks