Importing tracks from Rekordbox


Just bought the sc5000m’s and the x1800 and love the hardware. But I keep running in to problems importing tracks from RB.

Based on posts from here, I have run through the following process:

Exported playlist from RB on to Fat32 formatted 32G USB Plugged in to media player and imported in to sc5000m Ejected USB and imported tracks in the EP on my laptop Analysed a reorganised tracks in to EP crates Ejected USB from laptop and inserted in the sc5000m Reimported tracks to media player

Now, the players reads the crates but I’m just left with a blue message saying ‘updating’ when I try to navigate through the folder structures - with no tracks. I’m only importing 900 tracks and I’ve run the process a few times, leaving the player for over an hours but nothing happens. Surely it does not take that long to build a db of 900 tracks?

If I bypass the EP step, I can see all of my tracks but they are not organised in crates, nor are they already analysed. Which is painful!

Assistance would be appreciated!

Since no one has answered this, I will tell you exactly what to do: just wait for the EP update (less than two weeks, they say). For now, you can just export your 900 tracks from RB onto a usb drive and, though they won’t be processed via whatever particular work flow you use, the SC5000 will process them enough to play with. Not the answer you probably wanted to hear, but an answer that hopefully will ensure your sanity…unless of course a useable EP doesn’t appear in two weeks…then I don’t know.

hi @Adjenss85, thanks for posting. To a degree, @mattpositive’s advice is sound. Your SC5000’s will analyze a Rekordbox prepped flash drive and play your music as is, with no organized crates/playlists that you may have set in Rekordbox. In the meantime, we are working on improving the import process for Rekordbox libraries into Engine PRIME.


Thanks both for the feedback - good to hear there’s an EP update coming, I’ve managed to get mixing by exporting from RB and ensuring I do not put the tracks in to EP.

Not being able to analyse / organise is annoying but, now I’m up and running, starting to enjoy the hardware :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers again.

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Thanks @Nekoro_DenonDJ - this actually might be the very first time anyone has ever said that about my advice on an internet forum (or anywhere verifiable). You’ve also given me my new alternate logo: 33%20PM :loudspeaker::loudspeaker::tada::rainbow::rainbow::unicorn::unicorn::surfing_man::grinning::soon: