Importing Rekordbox Grid

Hi, I use Rekordbox as my primary software. I want to import beatgrid and cues to Engine Database. There are two ways that I know of to import Rekordbox library to Engine:

  1. Import XML to Engine Prime. Then analyse all tracks in engine.
  2. Create CDJ usb, plug it into Engine Hardware, import rekordbox database.

Which of the two methods imports the Rekordbox beatgrid?

Hello :green_heart:

I am not a rekordbox user, but there is a video by Denon DJ about importing from rekordbox into Engine DJ including loops and cues, both ways are described:

The article says that the Beat Grids are also imported:

Once imported, you’ll have your rekordbox collection with Hot Cues/Memory Cues, Loops, and Beat Grids ready to mix on Engine DJ hardware.

I hope that this helps you!

I also used rekordbox, but never got a 100% import. Meaning there will always be tracks with beatgrids that are offset by a little bit. So I said goodbye to RB and only use engine now and prepare sets on the device.

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How do you go about exporting your playlists from Engine OS so it work with Rekordbox? If there is a way.

The only reason I use Rekordbox → engine is so I can have my hot cues when I’m playing on Pioneer gear.