Importing music to an SSD drive in a SC6000 player

I’ve got a pair of sc6000s which both players have internal WD SSD drives. They’re new (and formatted) so I haven’t loaded any music on them just yet. I just finished organizing my entire collection in engine on my iMac. All of the mp3s from my ext drive have been imported into Engine. (haven’t created in any crates yet)

The next thing is that I plug up one sc6000 to my computer and open engine. If I drag several mp3s from engine to the SSD in the 6000, I noticed the music folders get created in the “engine” root folder on the ssd drive in the 6000. But to keep the folder structure the same in all places, I decided to try dragging a few folders from finder to the sc6000. When you reboot the 6000 into standalone mode, it will show you the folder structure in the browser list with the mp3s in those folders. Do any of you do this with your collection or it just preference on how you want the music to be displayed on the 6000?

On paper it sounds like a jolly good idea to have SSDs in those units but in reality i prefer using the USB ports.

Which external drive is this? Is this where you store your music normally or are you referring to the drives you installed in the 6000?

This is normal behavior.

This means Engine Prime knows to link the files to the source file

Eg you export track A from your main collection to the SC6000 (which as you have discovered will be nested under Engine Library on the installed SSD)

Now fast forward, you DJ at a gig and added some extra HotCues etc, when you get home and plug your 6000 to your computer, you can update your HOME Collection with the new performance data you created at the gig.

If you choose to manually recreate your Home Folder - File structure on the installed drive, that track is seen as a separate track and if you add hotcues to it during a gig, it wont be synced back to the HOME collection

I have a external SSD which is where all my music is stored. I dont have any music on my computer.

I use this drive with engine prime, serato etc.

If i’m doing a small set, i just export tracks i may need to a small usb drive

I also bring the external drive along, as it can also be plugged into the 6000 and all my engine prime crates will show up.

Yes, the external drive is where I store my music normally which is attached to my iMac.

I see, so by design, the best practice way would be to simply drag the music from engine to the sc6000 and let the folders get created to the root of the engine folder on the 6000 SSD internal drive.

You mentioned that after creating some hot cue’s at a gig, I can come home and import those back into engine on my iMac ?

since I have a second 6000 with an internal drive, I understand that with the network capability with an x1850 mixer the second player can read the music data from the other player with the music.
Technically you could have your entire collection on both drives so each player can grab an mp3 from itself rather than the other player ? would that be accurate? I would imagine in this scenario, you need to make sure both ssd drives in both players are identical with music so to speak.

Yes that’s the simplest way - drag and drop from main ext drive to 6000 drive inside engine prime.

You can also use Sync Manager in Engine Prime - but this will not capture your tracks that are not within a playlist or crate.

Yes but only if you use Engine Prime to pack those drives in the first instance.

Yes that is correct.

But it’s totally up to you how you want to use the units.

I’ve got two 6000m here and I don’t have a drive installed in either :grinning: