Importing files from traktor

Hey guys,

I have some minor issues. So i just updated alot of metadata tags from songs because mixed in key f*cked them up somehow. Now I have 2 problems; not all the album art is getting imported when I upload my files from traktor (I use traktor as my main library and then import it in engine dj). The second one is that Soundswitch doesn’t recognize my newly added playlists? I already did rebuild engine library in Soundswitch but the new playlist with the new updated tracks (with all the album covers, in traktor atleast and mostly also in engine). Finally I have one more question, how come all the que points are blue instead of yellow - orange - purple etc.? Is there a simple setting to put them back to colored ones? Engine automatically makes them blue when they get imported from traktor.

Thanks in advance!

You can use Lexicon, a third party DJ app to change all of your hot cue colours and in regard to the artwork, I had the same issue.

You’ll have to use MP3 tag to edit the artwork and then reimport track information to update.

Thank you for the re-import track info tip, forgot about that. I am using tagscanner, on tagscanner and in traktor all the album art is showing, however in engine dj some artwork is missing…?

And still my playlists aren’t showing up in the engine playlist library in Soundswitch somehow?