Importing Engine playlist from another computer


Im just wondering if I have a friend who is preparing a set in engine dj and I want to import that set list into my computer (into my engine dj) so I can script it with soundswitch how do I do that? Do they hit export playlist and I just put that file on my computer and click on it? I don’t see where Engine Dj keeps the playlists. How will it know where the files are located and do I just put their files in the library?

Hello. Most likely this can be done as a conventional procedure for export to a flash drive for a player. On PC1, prepare the playlist-export- insert into PC2 (the files will get into your collection, and then become red)- do what you need, export back to the flash drive, everything is. This is an approximate scheme, but most likely working, nothing needs to be invented. Look here Engine DJ | Tutorials | Engine DJ

Sorry but not sure I understand… I just want to be able to export playlists and important them to another Engine Dj with all the cues and stuff. When you export a playlist its only saving an excel file. It would be good if it also saved all the files in the playlist in a seperate folder for easy tranportantion. Is there any work around. And another question is why does some of my tracks go red? Only the odd one does and seems to be gone from my library onto the usb.