Importing cues from Traktor but navigating via iTunes

Sorry if this has already been asked, I searched for the answer but couldn’t seem to find one for this particular conundrum.

I’ve used Traktor for the past 5 years, but I do all of my playlist building in iTunes. Naturally, I can only transfer my years of setting hotcues over by importing my files from Traktor. The problem is that when I navigate my tracks using iTunes access, it sees the iTunes files as completely new tracks unrelated to the identical ones I set the hotcues on. Is there ANY way to continue using iTunes to manage my playlists but retain my hotcues? I spent literal days setting as many cues per track as I could to prepare for getting my Prime 4, not the mention the prior years, and I feel like I’m about to be crestfallen. Using iTunes is all but a requirement since my playlist organization is very comprehensive & structured.

I used traktor for years, doing all my cue points and BPM there but also using iTunes for creating my playlists. I imported all my tracks from traktor but any new tracks and playlists have been imported through itunes. I haven’t been burned yet but I put a hold on importing into Engine until the latest update. So far I haven’t had any problems (knock wood) and haven’t opened or used Traktor for over 6 months.

How often do you edit your playlists or move songs around with iTunes?

Generally, I don’t move tracks around too much between playlists. I make a playlist that’s based on the tracks I purchased so I might make a playlist called Beatport 200605 if I bought a bunch of tracks today. I do all my metadata changes with iTunes, genre, label and such. I also use smart playlists in iTunes so I import my new playlist of the purchases from the day and also reimport my smart playlists which will have been updated based on any metadata changes I make within iTunes. Basically, my smart playlists are equal to my crates in Engine prime.

Then I analyze all my new tracks in Engine and set any cue points or loops from the daily purchase playlist. That way my smart playlist (also a crate) will be updated automatically. Just to be clear…My smart playlists in iTunes and then imported to engine are genre based but you could do a smart playlist that’s genre and year or genre and sub-genre, what ever your organization style is.

I use your exact same workflow. Traktor for DJ data, iTunes for collection management.

The biggest problem with this workflow in EP native is

  • Engine Prime imports are all or nothing (complete Traktor or complete iTunes collection) and not incremental
  • if a Track is already part of the EP collection importing new Metadata (either cues/loops or e.g. star rating from iTunes) doesn always work

If you are on MacOS there is an alternative to work around this and that is a true 100% sync from your workflow to a Prime drive.