Importing Cues etc from VDJ

I am about to transfer 3 x usb drives that I have used with Virtual DJ onto a SSD in my new Prime 4 - is there anything specific I need to know or do to ensure the hot cue points get transferred over as well? This will be for standalone mode ideally - I’m aware there is now support for VDJ as a controller but I would like to go standalone and ideally not re do all my cue points…! Thanks

HotCues will import perfectly from VDJ, you do not need to do anything special. Active loops will not, but that concept does not exist in VDJ anyway.


Engine DJ does not support Virtual DJ yet…or did I miss the announcement

Thought you needed a paid 3rd party app to do that?

It has export to Rekordbox format, so in theory you could take that route.

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Yes, I use the Rekordbox export feature of Virtual DJ, I should have mentioned it. You get playlists (in order), HotCues and some track info. BPM and Key information are unfortunately not used, which is a pity - I understand and appreciate that every system uses different algorithms to detect key and BPM, but it should not be the case if you are importing tracks from a Rekordbox USB stick. If you learned a transition routine on one system, you want it to be the same on another system - which is often not possible if the key or the beat grid differs. It is fair to assume that the person bringing the Rekordbox USB stick is using/expecting these values.

It may not be called “active looping” but VDJ does offer saved loops, which can be displayed and triggered at any time. It also has a comprehensive POI system which allows you to get very creative with automation.

Saved loops and Active loops are two different things. Saved loops can be triggered by a button. Active loops are triggered automatically when the playback reaches the loop. VDJ has Saved loops, but for Active loops, you need to use a VDJ script (and, of course, it cannot be exported to a Rekordbox USB stick).


You’ve just repeated what I wrote, using different words. :grin:

I was merely addressing your claim that “the concept doesn’t exist”. VDJ is perfectly capable of automated looping.