Importing Crates from Serato from an external drive

Hey everyone,

I have an SSD in an external house which has all of my music on it. It also includes the Serato database files, so when I would like to refresh my Serato library in Engine, then it cannot find it at all. I have tried moving my Serato crates’ folders from the SSD to my comp, but then it scans the music, but cannot play it within Engine, as it says it cannot load the tracks. Is there any way to solve this? Thanks for the answers in advance!

Dont move anything from your Serato.

Engine Prime can read Serato databases on external drives (SSD, HD, Thumb drive etc)

Just plug the Serato external drive in.

Click refresh Serato database


Now to the question why is your database not showing up?

I have 2 4tB SSD in individual housing and they both show up in Engine Prime

Crates, Tracks et al

They were initially in HFS format and they showed up

I have since formatted them in exfat and it still works

What’s the drive size?

Any partitioning?

I hope you have a back up before you started moving crates from the Serato database to your internal

Thank you for the answer.

I have searched for a clue why it is not showing up, because it would be a lot of work to do the crates for Engine. My Serato folders were named “ScratchLive” instead, and now I have just changed it and it works fine. The formatting is MBR Exfat and it works with both Serato and Engine fine. Thank you for the answer!

Glad you figured that out.

That’s an OG database

I’m guessing you use Scratch live still.

Hi iv just got prime 4 and can’t figure out how to get my tunes from rekordbox into engine prime also want to put 2 usbs onto the ssd I put in where am I going wrong thanks in advanced