Imported playlists from Serato with wrong sorting in tracks

Hi everybody,

Is there anybody who knows how can I transfer my existing Playlists from Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1 to Engine Prime v.1.2.2 with the correct sorting?

I didn’t use any third party tool but I tried to do it using the option “Update Serato Library” which exists in the Engine Prime Software. After that my playlists appeared sorted by name and not as they have been created before in Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1.

This is a problem for me and I would like to avoid the double work about it.

I use operating system Windows not MAC.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Just click the column heading that you want to sort by. If you want to double sort, press shift when clicking the second column

My problem is that I have created some playlists in Serato with specific sorting of the tracks and that “Image” don’t pass as it is to Engine because the (column # with sorting No) not transfer. or transfer without any numbers. As a result, the Engine doesn’t know the original sorting list from Serato and then prefers something else. (like by name etc…) and after that it’s required to do it again.

Hi, Thank you for reply but no, it doesn’t work correctly because the first column (#) with sort numbers does not pass to Engine from Serato. As a result, The Engine doesn’t know the original sorting from Serato.

(Added double post by staff)

Currently, the track order from Serato is not retained on import. If you want this feature please create a new request for it in the area linked below.

Thanks for your help!

You are not the first buyer of that paid for software to have big problems. I left it well alone about a year ago - money wasted. I’d rather wait for Denon to tweek the proper Engine Prime software.

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I have this problem from traktor and it’s extremely annoying. I have a whole host of sets from the past I want to keep and refer to bits every now and again. Engine prime randomises them rendering them all useless. Track order is an important variable and I’ve very surprised this one was missed in even the first version


Without that software I would have sold my entire prime set up. Its been 3 years and I’m still waiting for the improved bpm algorithm.

It’s the only way I have been able to retain bpm from Serato in Engine Prime. This is very important to me.

It does have a nerdy GUI and I have provided feedback on that to the developer, but once you get your head around it …its quite easy to use.

Money well spent.

Hey @Sick_nimpson,

Welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear you’re having difficulty. I understand that this might be an annoyance but at least you have your Traktor collection directly inside of Engine without having to rebuild from scratch. Many applications don’t even offer this type of 3rd party integration but I can see the want/need to retain the track order on import .

If you’d like us to add this ability visit the link below and create the feature request. Thanks!

Hi Will! Thanks for your response and please excuse my ■■■■-o-gram post. Long day Haha… I have added something to the request section, hope you can squeeze it into a release soon!

I replied to this thread with some advice, but since I mentioned a 3rd party developer by name the post got taken down. Seriously Denon? I was not spamming or advertising anything, merely pointing out that alternatives exist. I’d really appreciate a little more transparency.

Ban the spam - I sicken of it

Sure thing, but what’s that to do with this thread entirely? The thing is, Engine Prime’s conversion from Rekordbox & Serato still needs improvement - there’s an alternative that does a better job for the time being. But it seems like Denon is enforcing a strict policy of deleting post where it is mentioned. I can say Rekordbox here even Pioneer but can’t mention ****.

It would be great to have an open discussion around the subject. It’s not advertising, more like, hey, it’d be great if Engine would do a job like this. So “ban the spam” yes, “allow free discussion” also yes.


Can you email me the link to youtube where I can investigate this?

Investigate what? Engine prime has made some huge jumps up in all sorts of ways. Try version 1.5 of engine prime 1.5 which was only updated with huge evolution just two days ago.

That works beautifully thanks!

Another question, the 1.5 import from serato is amazing and working beautifully, but the track order when sorted by bpm in the crates that are imported are not in the serato order, my thoughts are if I copy those crates in their exact order to a playlist and then import it to EP, if I want to play that playlist it will be exactly in serato order. With serato I can confidently perform knowing exactly what’s coming next and how to jump around quickly because I know the music and the way it is listed in those crates, when the order is off it takes some getting used to. I have been practicing on it for hours everyday on engine Prime and making progress, but when I load up serato in controller mode I absolutely fly through my sets. Such a smart idea by Denon to allow people like me to be able to wean off of serato but slowly and at their comfort level before going out and performing. Any thoughts on the playlist idea maintaining the exact track order?