Imported & analysed from Trakor but sc5000 REanalsying

Hi Folks

Got back on the denon train with a mint pair of sc5000’s for £1000 and im very happy about the many updates since i left!

at this price point its much easier to forgive any foibles, anyway:

I’ve imported my traktor collection just fine and engine prime analysed all ok bar the odd few bpm bloopers.

I used the sync manager to export to sd card and all shows up great on the unit until i load a track, some tracks appear instantly with both wave forms but others appear to be being reanalysed by the sc5000 its self ie the wave form loads in gradual increments and takes 7 seconds approximatley.

It doesnt take long but i was wondering if i had over looked something on my main desktop pc?

im due to take them out tonight for a first run but could do with not having to wait for tunes to load in on a 5 hour sesh. I do note however that once analysed on the deck it loads instantly for ever more.

its like some tunes arnt analysed and some are but theres no way to know looking at engine, nothing is highlighted and no trakcs are missing there bpm or key information.

cheers :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

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Enable the ‘Grid’ column, and then sort tracks within the column. Any track without a dot, has not yet been analyzed. Select the tracks without the dot, right click and choose ‘Analyze tracks’.

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 4.17.41 PM

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I have noticed a clean database solves some issues, especially when bouncing through different releases of Engine Prime and Engine OS.

I can live with doing a full wipe frequently as I do my library management in Serato.

A full wipe = Archiving the Engine Folder both on internal music folder and external drive if your collection is stored externally (ie Traktor).

It may not suit your workflow.

And welcome back.

They are working to improve this and they promised its gonna be deadly :crazy_face:

Don’t forget to like the feature request threads of your interest, all votes count

Why do I never find deals like that! :wink:

thanks i just returned after the first night on the sc5000, ill look into the dot!

also i like to press/drum the cue button repeatidly on time before pressing the play button when bringing in a track, but pressing cue disables the sync button. is there a way sync can stay on at all times?

something ive done for years and i cant not do it, hope that made sense. :slight_smile:

I haven’t found a way, as I used the cue the same as you, I’ve since “altered” my way of dropping into the next track. Is there a cup option?

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Work around - use hot cues.

If you start up a feature request I will give it a like.

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