Important safety issue

@Jake. @JWiLL . Im not going to rant on this one but its pretty serious. I have just got my gear back from PAT testing today. My prime 4s cable (the IEC lead) that was supplied with the unit 6 months ago failed… Now if it had been a cut or nicked cable ok fair enough. It passed all the visual check. HOWEVER it failed the actual test as “there was no earth connection” these are sealed plugs so nothing could have been tampered with. It has been like it from new. When a continuity test was put on earth wuth multi meter then yes there was NO connection. My tester cut the plug off as per his terms to repair lead. He put a new 13a plugtop on and decided to test the cut plug. There was no earth connection inside plug. Please check all your cables or get them PAT tested. This may be a one off. This may be a wider manufacture issue.

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Hey @Dj-alzy - Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll be happy to share this with the team. If you need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to DM me as well so I can connect you direct with technical support.

@Anthony_DDJ . No its fine the lead has been removed from service. Just wanted to make everyone aware of this matter. I can send the certificates over if required

Sure. I’ll be happy to take a look and pass it on.

Maybe why some people have issues with the touch platters?


Could very well be @PKtheDJ. Could also explain my issue on friday too. Bottom line Dont trust a new cable to be safe. Check it and test it

Might be the UK cable in particular?!


Wow, that would be quite something if UK cables were shipped with no earthing!

This is the UK. Seeing as they are covered by the ec conformity notice in back of manual. Ok its ONLY an iec cable. The ramifications of something going wrong is unthinkable. The lead was acually illegal as it was a uk lead sold in uk, with no earth. Like i say it msy be a one off it may be a wider manfacture issue. Please please check uour earth pin has continuity with the top socket on IEC plug

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Exactly. 3 core cables need to have an earth here hence the 3rd pin on the back of the unit.

Good thing is you can use any other one if you want as a quick fix.

Its a class one unit. Therefore iec lead MUST be earthed

So basically now that we know it is possible, any troubleshooting of Prime hardware MUST include as step 1.: replace the IEC power cable or test the cable for proper grounding…

I would go further and say change it or test it straight away. But yes a lot of platter issues could be down to this issue. Remember you are also not protected by the fuse system if something goes wrong. Its just going to smoke you

Are You sure? You know how the fuse and RCD works? How is that when a simple charger without a ground cable attached when breaks will trip the fuse? Or are fuses in the UK somehow magically attached to the ground wire?

If there is no earth connection within the plugtop then anything going from the unit possibly wont trip anything, as its physically not connected. It would if live or neutral has a fault but not if its an earth relayed fault Incoming faults would trip yes but not backwards. It could in theory send metal case live. :zap::zap::zap:… At that point YOU become the earth. A charger is a class II device the prime is a class I device (same as a washing machine tumble dryer dishwasher fridge freezer etc or a lot of uplighting) that is metal cased that must goto earth connection and have a valid earth circuit


Yes, that is the case if You have the device internally grounded to the metal housing. The grounding cable is necessary. But in the case of You becoming a grounding - You need to have an RCD in the house with 30mA sensitivity to save Your life. Fuse in that case can be too slow.

Yup totally. But with no earth in the iec cable you have no backup protection meaning it would be to slow. Assuming the venue is covered by rcd or mcb… not all are sadly. The metal case of the prime must be earthed (class I regulation) therefore yes you become the earth as in it will flow through you to trip rcd or mcb (if fitted) if not its going to hurt. Its also liable to trip as mcb will see a floating earth

Surprised some of the places I’ve worked in haven’t caught fire to be honest. A club I worked in kept fusing because the DJ box including amps, tills and toilet lights were all on the same circuit. They found the fuse was totally overloaded and burning hot but the board was so old the bigger fuse was bought on eBay.

That’s why it’s so important that up to date gear is earthed, especially when using it in random venues as us mobile guys do.

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Exactly that @kradcliffe . Imagine my surprise when the supplied iec lead failed on no earth connection . :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Has anyone from Denon been in touch with you about this yet? I woud hope so …