Import Stops Halfway Through

This has been an issue for the last few months and I’m getting frustrated finding a good workflow for engine. I have no issues using this same exported Traktor Collection file .nml in Lexicon, but it stops every time at the middle of the import. What else can I try?

If Lexicon can read it, why not use that to bridge between Traktor and Engine DJ?

I was having troubles with missing files when I would use lexicon to engine or even lexicon straight to SSD in my SC6000. So someone said if I can open it within an engine that should eliminate any issues. For now, I am Using lexicon as the bridge to go from Traktor to engine and then I use engine to my SSD. What has been frustrating is any cue points I make on my SSD then I have to import those back into engine, then back in lexicon. I just have so many processes that I would love to just have everything in engine and eliminate and Traktor