Import of songs below 320kBit/s fails...?

Hello guys,

do you also experience the problem that Engine does simply not import tracks below 320kBit/s? I have some old music or not professionally produced stuff I want to use, too, but it just does’t work. Because of that I have to use Serato and cannot make use of the USB-Feature.

Does anyone have a solution?

Sincerely, Jonas

The Kbps isn’t normally an issue.

However, what’s your sample rate on the files? 44.1kHz?

Yes, the ones having 44.1 are no problem, the other ones are not (I just named the kBit cuz it was what I recognized directly).

You could try burning those remaining problem tracks to a CDRW - then rip the files from the CD.

When you burn a track to CD the process forces the track into a standard format - leaving behind any bad header info etc.

Hmm, isn’t there any online converter or such stuff? :slight_smile:

Try Audacity

How to concert in this 2 videos:

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