Import from virtualdj 2021 and insert deezer

Hi, I normally mix videos and use MC7000 and vdj but for second stage and little space location, as tram, I play with prime go.

I think would be very appreciated if you can insert the possibility to import from vdj (whose fb is already inside the hdd I use to connect also to prime) without using engine software everytime and the deezer online streaming music, couse I won’t pay TIDAL for prime and deezer for vdj…

I hope you can insert these features in a new version of engine OS for prime consolles

Thank you

You want the prime Go to play videos?

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No, just import dB from vdj and using deezer

I think Rekordcloud is now offering virtual DJ to Engine Prime.

Rather than using Deezer (which is personal use only anyway) why not try Beatsource Link, as that’s available in both VDJ and on Engine OS 1.6 now?

  1. deezer is not “personal use only” anymore! They have understood it was really stupid

  2. beat link and others not have my kind of music (latin, 70, 80, 90, trap, italian revival, dance, reggaeton, italian tv songs)

So I need deezer in engine or TIDAL in vdj :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well there’s Tidal in Prime hardware

Yes but it miss in vdj :cry: So I think is faster to put deezer in prime go meanwhile …


This is the wording from Deezer’s current terms & conditions: “The use of the Site, the Application and the Deezer Web Service is authorised for personal and private use only, therefore any other use, particularly in public premises and for businesses, is strictly forbidden”

Copyright law is not “really stupid”. It’s a fact.

These terms are the same for deezer, spotify, tidal, Apple Music and so on.

Before there was the text near deezer directory (in virtual Dj) that warning about the personal use only, now there is not anymore.

Anyway in Italy if the party owner pay the siae permission you can in private party (as I do).

The same text is written in all cd, lp, and dvd. If you use it in party or public event you have to pay the permission.

If not, you can’t

So, if you want use any kind of music you need the authorization to play with public.

For my case: I play in private party and the organization of the party pays and get the authorization.

Yes of course the terms are the same for those services - because they’re all consumer/domestic services, not intended to be used by DJs.

The Deezer text is still there in the latest early access build of VDJ.

Despite what you may assume, the public performance licensing does not necessarily cover use of streaming services. Certainly in the UK, the PPL license does not allow use of Spotify (for example).

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