Import folders and tracks exactly the same as in Traktor


Over the years I have been ripping my vinyl collection and buying digital music.

I have it all sorted by folders in Traktor, and I would like to import it into ENGINE PRIME exactly the same as I have it in Traktor, with the folders and everything.

I have tried for hours without success.

How could it all import exactly the same?

Folders as in OS folder or Playlists folders?

@mufasa I have the folders on my computer, and I want to have them exactly the same in ENGINE PRIME / PRIME 4

Then just drag and drop them…

This did not work for me.

When I drag the folders, it adds the tracks to the collection but the folders do not come out in ENGINE PRIME

What version of Engine You have? It should create a crate in collection named as the folder and all music from the folder should be in that crate.

I use the latest version available, both in ENGINE PRIME and PRIME 4.

Creating crates is too slow, I have more than 3000 subfolders that I need to be organized like this.

The only way I can think of is to play song by song on PRIME4


I have the music organized by year, within each year, I have a folder for each LPs and EPs with the tracks inside.


Remember / Full Vinyl / 1999 / Clublanders - Set Us Free Vinyl / Clublanders - Set Us Free (Vocal Mix)

And so with each of the vinyls and musical styles

I cant write new post :confused:

I wouldn’t use the word “organized” to describe having 3000 folders!

If you’re using a database system (i.e. Traktor, Engine Prime) you don’t need folders for every year and for every LP or EP. The database allows you to search, no matter where the track is located.

If your tracks are tagged, you can find them.

3000 subfolders… that sounds already like a mess. I organise my music by genre. So I have maybe about 40-60 folders max (including sub genres)

Every track I added there is named in the same way (artist - track name (mix/remix/edit))

Every operating system lets You sort by the date of creation of the file. So if I want to look up a track from a specific year and genre - I am able to find it without any database software.

Then in Engine I keep clean my tags and track info etc… This makes search fast, easy and accurate.

So maintenance of Your data base starts from a single file and a general idea of how You want to be able to find it and manage that music library later on between multiple platforms (example traktor, engine, serato, rekordbox…)

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The folder structure didn’t even match the text description eg: text said year first, but the folder patch didn’t have year until a couple of folders deeper.

Tags and crates, and playlists if you really really must do a far better job when it comes to searching, than folders can.

It’ll be a shaky haunted house moment when you start the switchover, but it’ll be worth it.

I just checked my music directory. I have 352 folders. That’s for a collection that was started in the early MP3 days, mid 90s.

I organize in VDJ using a mix of virtual folders (crates) and filter folders (smart crates). Total 39 folders.

In EP they’re all just crates unfortunately.

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My goal ultimately is to dump all my files in one folder :file_folder: called DJ Music. No subfolder no poking about.

I don’t want to have to think should this be in my Top40 or Pop or RNB folder.

Use the ID tags :label: to add all the extra stuff.

Music is Music.

I’m almost there I think I have about 30 main folders now.


30 is pretty good! The only reason I have 352 folders is that when I started collecting MP3s there was no DJ software or librarian database, so I had to organize in a way that I could find stuff manually.

Initially I had alphabetical folders called ABC, DEF etc. but early DJ soft/hardware didn’t like too many files in one folder, so it then became one folder for each letter, with subfolders for artists if they had lots of songs. Artists with only a few songs just sat in the root letter folder.

The old system is still in place, but now I just make a new folder each year and put all the year’s downloads in that.

I may download an old track, but it goes in the 2020 folder. I can still find it by using the database.

It would be nice if Engine prime =could= import Traktor folders and sub folders

I suppose there would have to be a limit on the hierarchy , either so many folders deep, or upto so many letter max in the path name

Do you DJ directly from folders in Traktor?

Or did you create playlists to mimic the folders which you showed above?

You can also navigate directly to your folders Engine prime and Engine OS*

In Engine OS you have to maintain your Folder manually (you will have to copy your main folders to the prime disk) You won’t be able to use Sync Manager.

What I have finally done is create crates, name them as the folders in my collection, and copy each folder individually. The subfolders I have only left in the folders I use the most.

I have been almost as in Traktor and with fewer folders.