Import Collection to Engine Prime on PC

Is it possible to import a Engine Prime collection from an external drive (sd card in my case) to Engine Prime on PC? I thought the latest version had sync capabilities our is that still in beta?

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Hi @DaMelloOne

What exactly is it that you want to achieve?

  1. Do you want to copy the SD card together with the music locally?
  2. Do you want Engine Prime to read the SD card for editing the library and leave the files on the SD?
  3. Something else

The latest released Engine Prime version is v1.3.4 and this version does not include Sync manager. The version with Sync Manager was in public beta before, but it has been withdrawn and postponed until the next public beta and / or release. The sync manager only supported sync from external drive to local for changes made on the Engine hardware back to your library. We have to wait and see what the future will bring regarding this feature (if ever released or brought back public beta)

What I’m trying to do is copy the collection created on pc 1 (crates, music) which was exported to the sd card, to pc 2 which has is a clean install of engine prime. Similar to the export function from usb device to computer in rekordbox’s sync manager.


I see…sorry bad news then for this moment :frowning:

But maybe @Graham.O could help you out here with a manual database mod as workaround ? Not a supported method, but might be worth a try.

Engine Prime stores all relevant meta tag data on the same drive that the song exists on, so a collection on a removable drive will have all it’s meta tag data as well as crates travel with it to any computer plugged in. This might also be a workflow to consider to move on from here.

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.Engine prime use “temporary” the same database and empty after in other file.

I ask on the other thread posted by addie.

It’s bad joke , the system can import the other software (Serato, rekordbox, itunes) but not Engine prime

The Prime ecosystem is designed with a distributed database system that uses relative file paths.

Ok that’s is a mouth full of technical stuff. Translation:

It doesn’t matter if you prepared the drive using MacOS or Windows and if it’s external or internal. The complete Engine Prime library (on either OS) will integrate with various other databases part of the collection the moment the drive is mounted. This is for crates and “all tracks” aka the Collection view.

One notable exception are playlists, these exist only on the drive where the tracks the playlists contain are stored… But you can drag them between drives and EP will take care of the track copying for you.

this seems to be related to this question

Thank you.

So that would make sense as you see the collection count double when you insert a usb device to the computer where the collection resides. I have the collection in rekordbox as well so I’ll just use the import function in Engine prime to move the collection. I don’t understand how you can import from other software but not from a device created by the host application.

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I explained how the Prime ecosytem works in detail in this AMA (link starts at the correct time),

I take it you are on Windows, so an alternative would not be viable for you

For simplify, copy the “Engine Prime” folder on the root.

It’s necessary to have the same structure for the music folder