Import all my history playlist from serato to engine prime/prime4

i use since 2014 serato, now i use the great monster prime 4, but i need all my history playlist on my prime. is it possible to import on my prime over Engine Prime?

i can not find same questions her in the forum?

and i need more help

it is possible that the prime 4 of every history playlist automation gives the date of the set. as it is at serato

How can you bring this to the developers at denon for prime 4?

Hello @matze43, thanks for posting! You cannot actually import a History playlist back into the Engine PRIME software with PRIME 4, but there is an easy workaround. With your PRIME 4 hard drive (internal SSD, SD card, flash drive, etc.) plugged into your computer running Engine, you can access any of your History lists on that drive and simply select all those songs and drag/drop into a newly created folder (Ex: History 9/16/19) in Engine PRIME.

thanks for the info @Nekoro_DenonDJ , but that’s not all my question, sorry if i expressed myself wrongly i want to bring my history playlist from serato to the prime 4 even if it has to be about engine.

the other question was how to get prime to write the date to the prime internal glech and not history 1…2…3…4

short question are those of Denon?

Thanks for the clarification, @matze43. You can use a similar workflow to what I just explained, but you just need to access your ‘History’ Playlist in your Serato Library in Engine PRIME, then import those playlists. Take a look at our video on How to: Import SERATO to Engine PRIME for more info, if you haven’t seen this video yet.