iMac engine support for Ventura 13.2.1

Bad idea to update or upgrade b4 knowing if it’s compatible with all operating systems. this put me between a rock and a hard place because I can’t update my SD card. When will this be fixed? And can you not make these up updates available til all bugs are tested and problem solved? I love Denon and own 2 SC5000M,DNX1800 and Prime Go and been with you since 3500s

That would be impossible.

Beta testing any code is like me handing you two photos or drawings and telling you to play “spot the difference” BUT not telling you how many differences there are.

When would you declare that you’ve finished and have spotted ALL the differences? When you’ve found 5? 10? 19? When it’s been more than 10 mins and you didn’t find any new differences? 20mins? A week?

You’d never know when you’d got them all. And that’s the same with beta testing

If the SD card is the only thing holding you back, get a USB stick or pen drive until Apples latest bundle of beta is able to be supported.

Check you have permissions for Engine DJ to access all drives

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That’s part of the problem its not recognizing USB either.

I only use SD and USB or HD no serato or any software.

Do you guys know when it will be compatible?

Because it is Serato link does not mean its not applicable.

It is general advice on how to give the correct permissions so that any software e.g. Serato or Engine DJ can access external drives.

Here is a similar link from Denon DJs FAQ.

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No solution for my transfer problem. I have found out that all my music shows up under folder. But that does me no good because it doesn’t show me key or BPM can’t understand why I’m the only one with this problem and does denon read these post because I really need some help from a professional. Or anyone with a solution

Sounds like your database is not doing what it should do.

You may need to consider the nuclear option, starting afresh.

Good luck!