I'm here, Hello all... Clive @ CRS1 - UK

Hi All,

Most of the UK DJs will know me for my shop, Entertainment House & www.CRS1.com which is in Buckinghamshire UK.

But not many will know that whilst we are Denon, Pioer and Numk Main Dealers my weapon of choice whilst working/entertaining has always been Denon.

I started back in the 90’s with an original DN-2000F Mk1 and then quickly went onto a DN-2500 as soon as it was released. Some years later came my very reluctant move over to digital with a wonderful DN-HD2500 and then finally culminating with the amazing MC6000 Mk2 which is just so great to use and with Serato it now makes my life so much easier to concentrate on the music and the fun!

If you need to get hold of me please call me on: 01844 343113

My eMail is: CR @CRS1.com

Address: Entertainment House, Main Road, Lacey Green, Buckinghamshire HP27 0QU - UK

Twitter: @CRS1com

But please, always phone me first as I don’t want you to have a wasted trip if I have been called away on an emergency or a holiday. (yes even shopkeepers are allowed to have breaks :wink:

Thank you for reading all this and I sincerely hope that I can help/advise/sell to you soon.

Best Regards


Clive Hodghton Owner CRS1 Group