Ignoring "The" in Artist Sorting

Hello, I’ve searched and not found any reference to this, but is there any way to have Engine DJ ignore “The” in artist names ie sorting The Beatles under B instead of T, which it does now. Most other music related software I’ve used does this, or at least has an option to do this.




not something that can be done unfortunately, and not something im aware of being doable in other DJ software.

What software for example?

artistsort and albumartistsort are standard tags. Typically these are populated and software prefers these values when sorting. In this example, you’d have these values set to “Beatles, The”

Edit: To be clear, I’m not saying this WORKS in Engine DJ OS/Desktop. I’m just responding to questions of “What software sorts ‘The Beatles’ as ‘Beatles, The’”. This is how I’ve seen it handled in other applications.

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MusicBee, which I use to organize my music does this, and KJams, my karaoke software also does it.

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Thanks! I’ll give that a try.