Id3 / mp3 metadata embedding

Have we found out if Engine Prime software will embed cue points & loops within the mp3 files as does other software such as Serato? Overviews, Beatgrid information, etc. Would really be nice to embed within mp3s rather than contain everything within 1 database file. Really curious about this. Cheers

Unless I have really been hibernating, I don’t think Serato has changed from a database approach to MP3 embedded info.

I have been advocating putting a lot of the work we DJs do into the track (as tags) so we can take them with us easily rather than them being tied to the software/hardware we happened to be using.

Some things are senseless to tie into MP3. Beat-gridding for example isn’t one thing, it is different for every DJ software, hence some software is better at it than others. So even if -say- Serato saved that info with the MP3 tag, it would not make sense to for example RekordBox.

Same for cue points and loops. Those can be a combination of time-stamp for beginning and time for duration, but also linked to starting beat (requiring the correct beat-grid) and duration in beats, or a combination thereof.

Final and biggest obstacle will be that there is no tag-set in the official MP3 (or even the accepted unofficial one) to accommodate this information. Meaning that each software can define it’s own tags for the purpose. So without an agreed upon industry-wide standard, you still don’t have true portability.

Again, I would LOVE to see all the work we do translated into something that truly transparently moves with your music to whatever hard-/software platform we choose at any given time. I fear that this won’t happen anytime soon though.

If I am wrong and Serato indeed keeps such info with the tracks I’ll gladly stand corrected and will need to delve into this.