I wrote a program to emulate the GigBAR Move (No DMX cable required)

I wrote a program that lets you emulate and connect to a virtual GigBAR on your computer. This means you can use Engine Lighting with a projector for a DIY lighting setup. I hope you guys can get some use out of this. It’s limited to the pars and heads at this time but I’ll keep working on it. Just wanted to share with yall. :slight_smile:


That’s fantastic. A way of displaying visuals from the Prime gear. Great work! I’ll keep an eye on this as it’s interesting.

Having responsive visuals for live streams combined with Now Playing 2 app would be great. Especially as it can be effected with the Engine Lighting interface.


Very cool! Would be great if you could also publish the source code to your exe file so others may learn from it.

Thank you for sharing your passion for tech and music with us :heart_eyes:

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The exe is made with pgk. If you have node installed you can run npm i then npm run start to run it from the source code or npm run package to build a new exe. I should probably mention that in the readme haha.

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ah, very cool! Thank you. I honestly don’t program for windows, which is why i was mainly curious and you taught me something today. Was not aware pkg existed! :grin:

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I added Gobos to the heads recently. Check out release 0.1.2 for that