I will sell Denon DNX 1700

SC 3900 is sold. Only the DNX 1700 mixer is left, the price is 700 Euro plus shipment costs.



What’s the price for the two decks ?

Update price DNX 1700 is 880 euro plus shipping costs.

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Have you sold the 1700?

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Yes, I ended a promotional price and now at last monday New price is from 880 euro plus shipping costs. There can only be a reasonable negotiation if someone is 100% committed to buying a mixer. Where are you from? EU other country outside the EU?

Is the mixer 240v? I’m in the US by the way.

Yes, it has a 240 V supply…You must have to use with him a voltage converter

As I posted in another area. I have a Dn-X1700 that is basically brand new in the box. I had it out of the box to run updates on it many years ago. I packaged the unit back up in the original box and sealed that box protectively. I might have been out of the box for maybe 3hrs…maybe! Having said that, I would consider selling this CLASSIC mixer if the price was right. All original packaging and so on. As well, it will come with the updates that were available for it prior to denon being sold.

My apologies. I neglected to mention that I’m in Canada and the voltage for my unit will be exactly what you need in the U.S.

Thanks, Sean M

I understand, unfortunately Denon did not use the power supply with the possibility of changing the voltage depending on the region of the world. I don’t know if this has changed now or are there still differences in power units? WBR Mariusz

Where are you located in Canada? I’m around Toronto area. Might pick one up in a couple of months if I can find one at that time. I saw one going for $1100 on Kijiji and kinda regretted not getting it at the time.

Just north of Newmarket. probably an hour away. I do have another member interested. If that does not pan-out then I will let you know.

Is this mixer still available?

Yes mixer still available.The current price is 1000 euros + shipping costs and possible customs duties if the buyer is from outside the European Union.

Ahhh ok thank you it’s a bit too dear for me esp when you add customs fees. Good luck!

What country are you from? The minimum I could do is 800 Euro for the mixer alone for you. Customs fees are not for me you have to pay, but for your customs office where you live, if you are not a resident of the EU, you only pay for the mixer plus shipping costs to your country.

USA. Thanks - I’ve decided not to consider this mixer anymore, but fwiw it seems to come up here for about $350 US (though they get snapped up quick at that price). Definitely doesn’t make sense for me to import it.