I was given a MC6000 and

i cant find a software to allow me to use it without having to pay for it- is there any free software for the bedroom djs to use? vdj wants 149.99 after the first 30 days

Mixxx :wink: Just check if they are plug n play with mk1 units or you need a midi mapping for it. Also, Traktor Pro licences can be had for cheap, under 50$/€ from users who recieved them for free with NI controllers.

The MC6000mk1 came with a Traktor Pro LE (or whatever it was called at the time) license in Europe and with a VDJ license in the US. For the Traktor license it had a serial number. And the person that gave you the MC6000 should have given you that license with it (he would have unregistered himself first so you could register yourself). I am assuming the same is true for the VJD license. You could try the free version of Mixvibes Cross (one month full feature) and then decide to buy it if you like it. A copy can be had for only 49 euro/dollar I think. The 6000mk1 is natively supported and should work with the built-in mappings.

Word of caution though: While Cross is software I have used for a good many years and has served me well, there is currently some doubt about it’s continued development. The last major upgrade has been a while and even the last minor update has been some time back. That said, if you only bedroom DJ and whatever you have now will last (i.e. you are not too worried about future versions), it’s a very good value for money option.