I Love this Controller and Here's Why

First of all, I’ve been DJ’ing since 1987. Started on Vinyl and progressed through software and midi controllers. I’ve been using the Numark ND-900’s with Denon DN-1600 Mixer. Loved that setup. But it was HUGE… Had to get a smaller controller, even though I didn’t like the look of a small controller… just didn’t feel right. anyway… After my back started hurting, I had to switch. So I really did my research. I played with all of them. The most important features to me were… XLR outputs number one. This is important for Professional Audio Sound. No more RCA outs. Because when you move up in the professional world…RCA? no… XLR all the way.
Now the second most important feature to me was the Microphone inputs. XLR and 1/4" I love it. Plus there’s two of them, and ECHO for my Karaoke Nights!!
So what I do is plug a SM-58 in Mic 1 and my 2 Wireless into Mic 2. I use the corded mic for myself and my wireless for my karaoke singers.
The 3rd most important thing was a Volume Knob for my samples. OMG… You don’t realize how important this is. When I throw out my tags, intros, or Samples… I’ve got to be able to control the volume… This was what actually sold me on this controller… and is also why, I just bought a second one today. I was going to upgrade to the bigger and more expensive controllers that had 4 channels and all the bells and whistles…(Don’t need) but when I saw that they didn’t have a separate volume knob for samples… I said forget it. I’m sticking to this. The MC4000 is perfect. It’s Professional. It looks and feels great!! Trigger pads are awesome. It’s small an compact, but heavy and built with quality. If I could change one thing on this controller… It would be to make the power cable a regular IEC Power cord. as in the one that goes to everything, like a desktop, or dj lights, or whatever… because If I’m at a gig, and this power cord goes?..OMG… I’m in a hole… but not anymore, because I just bought a second MC4000 with another power cord… but I have to say, I DJ 3 nights a week, and I roll up and unroll this power cord and haven’t had an issue with it yet. So Knock on wood. I also run the Denon Headphones. It’s my second pair in 6 years… I have dropped them and abused them till the leather has worn off them… I gave my working old pair to my son, and I’m still rolling with the new ones… Had the Sony 700’s before and after 2 pair breaking at the swivel, I went to Denon.
I love you guys. Love your products. Quality and Craftsmanship. My name is VDJ MikeyMike Look me up on FB or Youtube. Thanks for your time.


They can just stick that endorsement on the site! :smiley:

As for the power, it’s not just the cord of course. If they had the power unit inside the controller, a regular IEC cord would work. The choice has been to have the power source outside (which makes sense from both a size as a potential source of sound interference point of view), so you are stuck with the external power adapter.

It pays to buy a spare one, or in your case a complete spare unit :stuck_out_tongue:.

I had a spare for my previous non-Denon controller, but I have to admit I haven’t done that for my MCX8000 (yet), so not sure how easy it is to get one for Denon gear.

Another thing I noticed (in general) is that it helps to LABEL the power adapter you have. At least you’ll know you are grabbing the right one out of the cable crate.

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Thank you brother. Yeah it’s what I figured… about the size. And I found one on Amazon for $20.
Not sure if they have one for yours. Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep checking back on the site.
I wanna show photos of my worn out headphones…lol