I just cant get how to analyse my entire music collection

Hi I have looked at videos of how to annalyse my music collection in Engine DJ and transfer to My denon prime 2 hard drive but I just cant get it. the engine prime I have just doesn’t look the same as in the videos I don’t have a crate section for starters although i want to transfer my collection as folders so how do i do this im better at being shown face to face but i cant see how that can happen

Ok. Lets start with a usb stick called Keithsmusic formatted to exfat. Plug it in Open up engine. Ignore the trsck plsyer section at the top ( at top click 1 deck gives us more room)

Now in bottom section on the LEFT you will see “ENGINE LIBRARY” & under that collection .

Go further down and you will see DRIVES… click it another tab line opens up and you should see Keithsmusic .

Now on the far left is a list of icons. Click bottom one (the folder). Navigate that tree to get to your music. Now drag the folders with your music into the COLLECTION on the keithsmusic pane. It should put thst folder into the drive playlist(crate) . Now select the folder on keithsmusic and your tracks should end up on right hand side. Highlight track and right click select analyze.

Let it do its thing… Now click SYNC MANAGER. New window pops up Select playlists (crates) from the LEFT and hit the EXPORT TO DRIVE.

Let it do its thing Now try usb stick in prime 2.

For your harddrive either do it the same way. OR copy all your music to the drive. Then at the navigste to music part navigate to you hard drive and go from there. Any problems let us know. May be able to jump on phoneand talk you through. Alzy

Hi alzy I think i was doing that as my prime internal hard drive has a lot of music on it . It was corrupting but I re formatted it and looked at my music in my own folder and deleted anything with a low bit rate and deleted some art work. if you need to call me on whatsapp please DM me for my number.

K ill bell you mate delete your number this forum is open to the world.


I would highly recommend reading the manual.

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Sorted… fingers crossed.

Hi DJ alzy thanks for all your help yesterday it really was good for me as I am not so good at reading material I learn better by trial and error. What I did notice was that I had a few red tracks and after further research today it was said its best to put these through sync manager although you recommended not using that . Also I went into my computer drive last night and tided up my folder for instance within my 70: night folder there were many individual albums so I copied each of the albums songs and pasted them as one file to save having to do individual albums the files will be bigger. The biggest will be my mastermix and DMC files but I will break that down into a few folders.

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Glad you finally got there lol. Library management as i said yesterday is the biggest key to getting evetything to run and update easily and smoothly. Any problems just give us a shout buddy.


@keith_mcghie don’t forget to delete your phone number…

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I took the liberty to edit your post @keith_mcghie. Numbers and email addresses shown publicly are a goldmine for spammers.


Cheers @Reese