I can't see my hot cue points on my Denon sc live 4


I’m new here. I’ve checked the older topics but I can’t find it.

The problem is that I can see my hot cues in rekordbox but I can’t see them on the display of the Denon sc live 4.

Thanks Daniel

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Do you mean see the markers on the waveform? Or are you talking about the display of hot cues with the name on the bottom of the screen? If it’s the latter it’s a setting you need to check.


I mean the markers on the waveform. I see them in Rekordbox on the waveform but not on the waveform in the display my Denon controller.

Did you use the proper Rekordbox import feature to import your library into Engine Desktop? That’s the only way you’ll see that info from Rekordbox on a Denon device

I’m not sure to be honest. I will check…thanks.