Hundred of new features

Hello Denon DJ

I have looked to the forum feature request sub forums and there are many hundred request for prime 5000, very many too for prime 4 which I understand of as its cheap so have more buyer to make request to you. Dozens for requests for x1800 and dozens for The Engine Prime.

The most common vote is 1 like , why I guess rhat only the person of make the request wants the feature.

We must shrug our selves to think that you will not bring every suggest to the real firmwares or software. Maybe you bring a massive of 50 of the several hundred. If you bring the 50 from 500 requests then you have satisfy 10% of the request suggests

I think no point or sense in requesting any more request as that would bring your success to 9.5%, 9% lower and lower and lower :frowning:

Can you tell to us ANYTHING about what to expect we can see and when? A good milestone gate would be if you could say if another release Before or After Christmas for each prime 5000, prime 4, x1800, Engine


If people like the feature request, and there are 100 votes supporting the idea, then You have 101 people happy with the feature implementation + people that use the Prime system and are not present on the forum. Think outside the box.

But 0 of them happen :frowning:

Wrong, already many of them are implemented. You are not following this?

In Percentage term it is the single figure of appearance of features 5%? 6% ?


Better to have a well working device with useful features. Not all features are mandatory.

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Ok ok you see no other view apart yours ok

A request is written a lot faster than faultless code. Typed this before in another topic:

The team listens, they are aware of all wishes and a number of them are high on the list. Some are coming, some are not. But some things that do come are simply not arranged in a day. I have never seen a post from anyone with the question and the solution in 1: "I want feature xxx and here is the completely programmed code for feature xxx, extensively tested and error-free, you just have to zip it and release " …

Full post here: Coming soon: World’s first music streaming capability in standalone DJ hardware

A part about Wi-Fi and a part about request, priorities and development.

Users can’t like/heart their own post.

There is another view to consider and that is the “company’s view”

Say that Denon will incorporate 5 big features throughout the primes’ product cycle. Denon has 3 big ones to work on and the other 2 are reserved for the end user. How do you find the other 2 big ones?

Feature requests in my opinion is like a thermometer for a products’ standing.

I’ll throw something out here to see what you guys think.

When the P4 was released it had the vertical waveforms. Then after feature requests for horizontal waveforms, if you wanna call it feature request lol, it quickly and magically came. From this I could loosely infer that this was already done before the product release and maybe tests at the time showed vertical would be better. But I guess people voices dictated at the end and it became for Denon what you would call a “quick hit” feature request implementation cause it was already there. (sounds like a pattern. wifi, streaming etc).

Beatgridding on deck has been ask for since the dawn of the prime series and is one of the most requested features has not yet been implemented. So take features requests with a grain of salt.

Anything firmware likely before this Christmas apart from a easy route of saying the stream beta is now public reals firmware ?

I don’t think anyone can tell you when or if. If I were to make a prediction then it would be when new denon products are announced.

You’re making quite a few assumptions about users’ motives and InMusic’s capability for managing what’s been posted.

You’re neglecting to consider the amount of private conversations that may have already occurred between the posters and InMusic on the topics, various other possible reasons for the particular requests and their timing, and even instances of issues being logged as a bug only to be told it’s an expected behavior and to repost it as a feature request.

Why not look at it as a vast treasure trove of as-yet-untapped intellectual resources and brainstorming? Glass half full.

I can’t predict what InMusic’s timeline for feature implementations is going to be, but patience is a virtue, they say.