Hue Lightning

Hi Guys, is everyone having problems with the Phillips play bar. When I press the button to connect to Philips Bridge the whole lighting locks up and will not synchronise with a music in patterns. Anyone else have the same problems. Thanks

What gear are you using it on. A few more details would enable us to help you better. As would posting in the lighting section.

I use playbars and sc6k & x1850 no problems.

I discovered you only need to activate services on one deck with the lighting. Rest is automatic.

Hi it’s a Denon Prime 4 all the other house lights connected to the Phillips Hub

And when the prime 4 asks me to connect to the bridge, I go and press the Hub button to connect and the lights go off. I can use the coloured buttons to change colour the lights will sequence to music for 1 song then when I move the fader down the the light just locks off. Not even trying a new song will make the lights work again without turning off the prime and starting again. Thanks Mike

Ps I have also tried going back to the last upgrade to see if that was the problem.

What bridge version have you got?,

Hiya I have the second generation the Square box