Hue Lighting Stops?

So I have my hue lighting set up, but when the track on channel 1 ends, the lights stop, even though the fader is all they way to channel 2 and that track is still going

If you’re using the upfaders then make sure you pull the fader down. If the track that just played is higher or equal to the newer track, you need to lower that.

You can also tell Engine Lighting to use or ignore the upfaders. This is in the Engine Lighting setup. You will see the faders with CH1 CH2 etc. just activate or deactivate them.

If I deactivate them all, the lights just stay off. what do I do?

Activate the channels you’re using and remember to lower the fader once that song has finished playing so the next songs light show can take over.

The fader that is up at the very top for the longest time will have priority so remember o lower it lower than the other side.

Hopefully that helps.