HS5500 vinyl adaptor

Hi guys, this might be a long shot. I have a second hand Denon HS5500. My unit never came with the little adaptor that allows you to attach a 7 inch vinyl in place of the existing plattter. I really wanted to try and find one and i was hoping someone might have one that they’re not using.

I’m happy to pay something for it!


What about buying a small record clamp and just using that with a cheapo 7" record?

There’s parts available still from: Denon DN HS 5500 Spare Parts ( DNHS-5500 ) - Denon Audio and DJ Parts

I’m not sure if that specific clamp is on there but the one that holds the original disc is.

I’ve seen some modification and aftermarket stuff about too.

According to page 3 there’s a few parts to it: https://cdn.inmusicbrands.com/denondj/legacy/dnhs5500/DNHS5500EM_ENG_IM_003.pdf

I’ve seen some on Instrumental Parts but not all of it. Page 59 gives the part numbers: https://instrumentalparts.com/content/pdf/DNHS5500.pdf

Thanks guys, so i think the part number im lookung for is ADAPTOR(2) - 00D4210841000. Infortunately instrumental parts dont have it in stock but ive messaged them.

I’d hesitate to use a vinyl clamp only because i dont eant to spend money if i wasnt sure it would work.

They’re only 15 quid, most of my 45s cost more :slight_smile:

Wow, I’m so glad I don’t buy vinyl any more. I think when I started buying them they were 45p each, and I’ve got a few US imports from the 80s which might have been a couple of quid.

Yeah those were the days, Defected double packs for 6 quid in HMV.

To be fair to the 45s, most are limited runs of around 200 or so and are lathe cut… and pretty much every single one is worth far more on the used market within a few months of buying (not that id ever sell mine)

Prime example, I paid about a tenner for this on eBay and look at it now.


From the stuff I’ve added to Discogs so far, the most valuable of mine is a 12" from 1983 that sold for over £350. Probably cost me £4.

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Ive got my Dads old Rolling Stones album with the jeans on the front and the real zip, I think thats about £300 or so, then my next most valuable is the limited edition GTA5 box set with the coloured vinyl and posters etc… then after that, weirdly its all the Roule records Bangalter stuff and One more time, all worth about 50 quid a piece.

Edit: actually the Stones Album has dropped quite a lot since I last looked. My Dimitri from Paris playboy mansion double pack is worth a packet though.

A vinyl clamp most probably won’t work unfortunately due to the way the vinyl is on these models work. It’s a shame about not having them in stock. The original one is probably sat in someones collection on a random vinyl somewhere and them not knowing what it’s for!

I’ve got that Dmitri double pack in mint. I guess I should check prices in the states.

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Yeah it’s definitely worth a few dollars:)

Sunburst Band - I’ll be there for you and that house dub of talking all that jazz are the reasons it’ll never leave my possession :slight_smile:

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I ended up buying a 7 inch slipmat that looks like a vinyl. The control platter is clear so this might be the best compromise.

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I use them for my 45s, really good.